Course Structure

The course will be taught using participatory learning approaches combined by lectures and seminars. Lectures will be delivered by experienced and qualified lecturers, from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. Students participating in SOGA CUTE summer course will involve in the class and out of classroom activities including brief lectures, fieldtrips, outreach activities, discussions, and workshops. The topics of our summer course are:

  • Communication of innovation in tropical agriculture
  • Gender and development analysis
  • Participatory planning for agricultural development/sustainable development
  • Collaborative models of natural resource management,

What are the Benefits?

  1. Students will be able to develop their comptencies in social mapping, designing and producing messages for communication and agricultural/rural extension, designing and evaluating programs, projects or activities in the context of tropical agriculture with consideration to gender and socio-cultural issues.
  2. Experienced learning in an international context, be mentored by international experts in education, community development, agricultural and rural extension, cross-cultural communication, gender and development, natural resources management, and policy development.
  3. Strengthen networks with international students and lecturers to develop further relations and connectivity in a global perspective.
  4. Certificate of attendance and SOGA CUTE summer course is equivalent for 2 (two) credits 

Who May Take Part?

  1. Participants for the summer course “SOGA CUTE” is limited to 20 students.
  2. Undergraduated students, at least have passed the 4th semester (certified by transcript/academic certificate)
  3. International students who apply this summer course, may have a background majoring in agronomy, environmental studies, social science, communications, human acology and related background
  4. For IPB students who apply are preferably has already taken or passed the subjects of General Sociology and the Basics of Communication.
  5. The applicant should have English Proficiency (Minimum TOEFL Score 500 or IELTS Band 5.5) 

How to Join the Summer Course?

  1. Students from IPB: IDR 250.000 (two hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs)
  2. Students fromDeveloping Country: USD 250*
  3. Students fromDeveloped Country: USD 350*

*All international students are responsible for:

  • Returned tickets from home country to Indonesia
  • Cost of visa when applicable
  • Personal expenses
  • Upload biodata and motivation letter related to participation in summer course.


Sponsorship is available for 10 (ten) international students in the forms of accommodation, food, summer course kits, and local transportation during field trips. Eligibility to be awarded a sponsorship is based on assessment by Steering Committee of the Summer Course. The applicants who apply to the summer course by self-funding is also welcomed, s/he is responsible to cover all expenses.